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Hello lovelies, I am back! For now anyway as I go on holiday for about 2 weeks tomorrow so it may be a while before I post again. I wanted to post a few pictures from my most recent adventure out to London, more specifically London Film and Comic Convention. I’d like to also extend a huge thank you to Padfoot Cosplay for taking the photo in the header.

I always cosplay at conventions, I find the atmosphere so exciting and I love meeting people that are so obviously interested in the same things as me. I was Beth Greene from The Walking Dead this time and so many people said I looked like her, which made my day. I loved how people would come and tell me that she was their favourite character. You can find some more photos on Tyche Cosplay.

Heres some photos from the day:


This photo was taken by the lovely Padfoot Cosplay

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Top Tips for Newbie Cosplayers

newbie cosplayer

As you might know (You probably do, I certainly say it enough!) this year I started to cosplay. I haven’t done anything fancy, just a really crappy Castiel cosplay, a Thor inspired outfit, and of course my beloved Merida. However, I have been going to conventions for quite a while so have picked up some tips along the way. I thought I’d share them with you and hopefully make your experience more enjoyable.

  1. Take food and drink. Trust me, feeling faint or overheating and having to stand in a queue to buy food sucks. Bring your own and pack extra as others might not be as savvy as you.
  2. Take cash. There’s nothing worse than getting to a stall that you have been waiting to go to all day, only to find out they don’t take card. Also, the cash machine will most likely run out or develop quite a queue. Be Prepared!
  3. Say no to photos. Whether you feel like the photographer is being too invasive or you just need a rest, it is okay to say no. I’ve heard some awful stories of people taking some really pervy photos, that doesn’t have to be you.
  4. Cosplay as whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what your race is, what gender you are or what size you are. Have a good time and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  5. Say hello to people. You will always find people interested in similar things to you at conventions, I’ve made some of my best friends at conventions. The community is lovely and really accepting.
  6. Be nice to each other. Maybe someone’s costume is not screen accurate, maybe they aren’t wearing a wig, or maybe they look like they haven’t put that much effort in. Whatever your reasoning is, there is never any excuse to be rude to another person. Specifically about cosplay. Make sure you treat each other exactly how you would want to be treated.

Have fun!

Erin xx

LFCC Winter 2014


Yes, I have a gun

If you know me, you know that I love conventions. I started going to them about a year ago after admiring from afar and have been hooked ever since. This year I tried something new. I cosplayed.

It was something that I’ve always wanted to do and thanks to Chloe I was able to create a Merida costume! She’s the one dressed as Rapunzel, she made the dress herself. ‘We decided to go as ‘Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons’ mainly because Chloe and I really wanted to dress up as princesses. It was totally worth it.

The actual day consisted of a 7:00 start to get the dress ironed, make up on and breakfast eaten. Then it was time to catch a train. Our train was unbelievingly late so our cosplay group had to make their way in two parts (sorry Laura) to the convention centre. I would’ve thought that we would have had many weird looks during our journey. But it was surprisingly uneventful. A couple of people told us how nice our dresses were and one little girl ran up to us and stared for about 5 minutes before getting embarrassed and running away.

The event we went to was London Film and Comic Con, which is a Showmasters event. We visited it in the summer and whilst we had a great time, it was so extremely hot that we left quite early. However, this season was completely different. Winter conventions are normally smaller, but compared to the summer con, this was tiny. Not that I was complaining, I really enjoyed being able to look at the stalls and make friends without having to fight for space.


Photo by Robert John Parker

The best thing about cosplaying as a Disney princess at conventions is the amount of children that come up and ask for photos. It really makes you feel special and that all of the hard work you put in was worth it. We met some really lovely children and their parents. Obviously the cutest children were the ones in cosplay, they literally made my day.

My favourite buy of the day was my copy of THOR #1. This is the newest in the Thor series (the one where Thor is now a woman) and I am so excited to get a copy! I also bought a Game of Thrones bracelet and some hair scrunchies (so expect a haul post soon).

My favourite thing about going to conventions is meeting a lot of people who have similar interests to me. This year we made a whole load of new friends and made some really exciting cosplay plans. Fingers crossed that I actually get to go next summer and manage to carry these out!

Here are some of my favourite images of us during the day:


Photo by Robert John Parker


The coolest Marvel Costumes ever. And yes, they made them their selves!


Disney Gang , with the lovely Hayley Smith as Anna!


Marvel cosplayers are the coolest cosplayers!


I fangirled so hard when I met this Kaylee cosplayer! (future cosplay idea in the making!)

London Adventures #3

LFCC and Rainbow Rowell

I’m known for being a bit of a nerd. I don’t deny it. One of the things I enjoy the most is visiting conventions. We have a bi-annual convention near us in Milton Keynes that I visit regularly. However, I recently visited London Film and Comic Con. This one was extra special because as well as being a comic convention, it was also the UK’s first Young Adult Literature convention. (Think BEA on a slightly smaller scale.)

Myself and a few of my friends dressed up for the event. I wouldn’t call it cosplay exactly because the costumes were kind of casual. However, I did have an excellent time. I’d heard the horror stories from the Saturday of people waiting for up to 6 hours in the queue outside with no shade. It was luckily quite different for us. We were inside within 5 minutes as we had pre-booked tickets. It was certainly busy, but not so busy that I was crushed.

Chilling with Anna

Chilling with Anna

We didn’t actually spend that much time in the book section, mainly because there was so much to look at. I extremely enjoyed looking at all the cosplayers, especially the girls dressed up as Daenerys. The stalls were interesting and the people running the stalls were especially nice. Shout out to the man who had a mermaid costume already in his cupboard and wore it because it was the coolest thing he owned. He had also covered himself in body glitter.

We ended up going home at about 5 o’clock because it was quite busy and my feet hurt so bad. The best thing about the day was getting to spend time with people who I have met at various fan events before that I wouldn’t know other wise. Conventions have a huge sense of community and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy going.

The Tuesday afterwards brought round more fun. I was lucky enough to bag tickets to a Rainbow Rowell book signing. Rainbow writes bestselling novels, including Fangirl and Eleanor & Park.  We went to London around lunch time so we could squeeze in some last-minute comic shopping and then made our way to Waterstones Piccadilly.

Rainbow and Myself

Rainbow and Myself

We got there about an hour early, so we bought a copy of Landline and got front row seats. We also made friends with a lovely girl called Lily who was there by herself. Rainbow was being interviewed by a fellow blogger and self-confessed Fangirl Bim AdewunmiBoth ladies were extremely funny and I enjoyed my self immensely.

We then got the chance to get our booked signed. I got my copies of Landline and Fangirl personalised. Rainbow was very lovely, she complimented me on my hair and I got to take a picture with her.

Over all I had a great few days, especially since the book signing cost under 5 pounds. I can’t wait until the next convention! What are some of your favorite nerdy things to do?


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