Review Policy

Review Policy


I will always write honest reviews. This means that I will tell you exactly what I think of the book. If you would like to send a book to be reviewed, please contact, specifying the books genre, the blurb and the title. Not every book requested will be reviewed, it depends on whether the book appeals to me or if I’m available to review it.

 I  accept books from the following genre:


Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance

Fantasy/ Futuristic

Pre/Post apocalyptic

Young Adult ( and any sub-genre in YA)

Printed books and Kindle are both accepted although Serenity Books is an English Blog and you may have to consider the cost of post and packaging.
Books are rated on the following:

5 Stars: Outstanding

4 Stars: Would recommend

3 Stars: Enjoyable, but could be improved

2 Stars: Mediocre, possible plot holes or bad writing style.

1 Star: Did not enjoy

DNF did not finish.


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