Thursday Quotables: A Game of Thrones

thurdsday quotables

A I’m currently in the middle of reading two rather thick books, I have no reviews to post today. Instead I thought I’d share a few of my favourite quotes from George R.R Martins, A Game of Thrones.

“Woman? Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man. – Daenerys Targaryen”

Everyone who has heard me talk about Game of Thrones ans A Song of Ice and Fire knows that Daenerys is my favourite character, this proves why.

“There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: “Not today.”

I think this quote pretty much sums up the whole character of Arya Stark. Another one of my favourites. She has a sword and isn’t afraid to use it. I’d also like to point out that Arya is 9 when the book starts.

“Let me give you some advice, bastard: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

When this is said to Jon Snow, it’s because of all the trouble he gets because of his illegitimate birth. However, I think it’s probably an important lesson to think about in real life as well. Be proud of who you are and the people who are trying to hurt you won’t be able to get through.


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