New Years Resolutions

Woweeee I have not blogged in a very long time and that makes me incredibly sad. I’ve been super busy applying for university and trying to keep on top of all of the work I have to do. It’s been a struggle to balance everything since school began. However, I now have a handle on how I am going to manage my school work next year. I really want to start blogging again and I think the best way to do so would be to make some resolutions that I absolutely can’t break and therefore I will have to stick to them.

  1. Write (and publish) at least 2 blog posts a month.
  2. Take my own pictures for some of my blog posts.
  3. Write more about my life, don’t feel pressured to write about books. I struggle to read stuff that isn’t for school.
  4. Make some new blogging friends and hopefully rekindle some old friendships!

I’m going to force myself to comply to these resolutions and hopefully I will have something to be proud of by the end of next year!

Erin xx



I Became a Journalist

So I’ve been gone for quite a while and when I do appear it is rather sporadic. That will still be the case for the next few weeks as my AS levels draw to a close and I can start reading ad scheduling posts again. In the mean time I’ll tell you about something really exciting that’s been happening to me recently.

So in January I applied to be part of Youth Journalism International, a non-profit online newspaper for young people. I was accepted and have recently been writing some awesome (not biased at all I swear) pieces for them.

I began my journey with a review of the new Cinderella film, and of course I couldn’t help having a rant about the lack of representation in the film. You can find that here.

Yesterday my newest article was posted. This was a commentary on getting the youth to vote during our general election, which is happening today. I am proud of this article and probably will write a follow up about the results of the election. You can find this here.

In other news I am featured in a couple of my friends vlogs, mostly from our exciting adventures down to Brighton. If you check them out then I’d be eternally grateful!

Erin xx

Where have I been?

Hey guys! I’ve been gone for so long this time, blame my English Literature coursework and a school trip to Berlin. But all of that is over now so hopefully I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule. Due to trying to get as much school work as possible out of the way, I have not had much time to anything brilliant and my reading has been severely lacking. So no interesting blog post today. However, I can offer you this adorable video Mia made for my wonderful friend Naomi’s birthday. I hope you enjoy and look out for me posing for selfies and making inappropriate comments as usual.

This Week I… #2

this week i #2

Reading: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare and The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter. I’m reading TMT for my English Lit class, but it is really good and I will most likely review it later on next week. It’s such an odd book. As for Clockwork Price, I still haven’t gotten over the last few chapters.

Listening to: Clean Bandit for some reason. I really like the string instruments used on a couple of their tracks.

Watching: Arrow, yet again. I also watched Kid Criminals on Channel 4. If you’re interested in the American detention system, as I apparently am, then this is extremely interesting.

Enjoying: Othello. Yesterday I saw a production of it at the Globe Theatre in London. It was awesome and the tickets were free which was an added bonus!

Looking forward to: Finishing my English Coursework. I have worked so hard this week and still have’t gotten it done, maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Also, If you haven’t noticed my header image is of art. Yet again. Two art galleries in two weeks makes me seem quite cultured, doesn’t it?

Erin xx

This Week I…

this week I

My first weekly round-up of 2015! I do realise that It’s the end of February, but I’ve been super busy.

This week I have been…

Reading: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. I love Cassandra Clare, but her books are always huge and take me forever to read. This is the 7th book I have read of hers.

Listening to: Anything by Taylor Swift. My Swift obsession is still happening, sorry Dad.

Watching: I started watching Arrow a couple of weeks ago and have nearly finished series one. it’s quite light-hearted and not nearly as crap as I thought it would be!

Enjoying: Being able to stay at home and do whatever I want! It’s so nice being on half term and I love ow peaceful it is.

Looking forward to: Going back to school. Okay, that’s a lie.

My favourite part of this week was the visit to the Tate Britain with my fabulous friends. I’ll probably do a write-up of that sometime next week. I don’t really get art, but it was enjoyable none the less.

See you next week!

Erin xx

Review Process

I’m back on the official BookBlogWriMo bandwagon today! Here’s a look at how I write my reviews.

Unless I’ve been given an exact date by the publisher, I will most likely leave the review till the last-minute. This is literally the worst idea ever, I’m normally juggling school work and homework. So adding in a review is a bad idea. I really should stop doing that. I also normally have 3 or 4 reviews to do at a time. So I am always behind!

When I am reading the book, I normally like to put in tiny post it notes if I find a quote that I really like. However, I prefer to write my reviews from memory as the parts that stick out about the book will obviously be the main parts to write about. I like to write a list of the books that I will review and a date that I have to do them by. This helps get me organised. I find that Microsoft Excel is really good for that sort of thing and I find it easy to use.

I never review the book straight away. I give myself time to think about it and work out how I really feel. I find this effective as it enables me to write a balanced review, without the fangirling and over-excitement that might happen if I really enjoyed it. Although I’ll probably add it in any way!

How do you write your reviews? Also , if anyone has any requests for other blog posts It would be much appreciated. I’m about half way through the month now and don’t want to just post tags and reviews!

Erin xx

Advice for Newbie Bloggers

I thought I’d catch up with the ‘official’ BookBlogWriMo topics and write 5 tips for new bloggers. Being a fairly new blogger myself, I believe I’m qualified enough to give this advice!

  1. Don’t write a post every day. (Unless you are doing BookBlogWriMo) It’s so stressful trying to put up good content every single day. Take a break and write something that you are really proud of.
  2. Write whatever the hell you want. Try not to be confined by what other people write on their blogs. You will feel so much better if it has come from you and is original.
  3. Use Images. Images make posts look so much better. It doesn’t matter if you have taken them your selves or if they are other people’s, they will draw in a larger audience. Make sure you ask permission first if it is someone else’s image and leave a link to the original source.
  4. Communicate with your readers. Answering comments is a really nice way to encourage people to come back and read more. It helps you seem friendly and develops relationships! Also, go check out their own blogs and leave a comment. Everyone is in the same boat as you.
  5. Don’t worry about stats. It may seem that getting people to read your content is the ultimate goal. But it is way more rewarding to post what you want. If you are writing because you truly enjoy it, people will want to read it.

I hope these are handy tips! I think one of the main things to remember about the blogging community is that everyone will be nice to you, if you are nice to them.

Erin xx