About Erin

Erin is a 17 year old Blogger from the South of England.

Her main interests include reading, adventuring and dismantling the patriarchy. She is currently an A Level student; taking History, English Lit, Psychology and Law. She aspires to go to university and study Ancient History and Archaeology, hopefully ending up working somewhere lame like a museum. In her free periods at school Erin is also working on a GCSE in Latin, she’s a total nerd. In her spare time Erin enjoys cosplaying and writing. She also likes to hibernate in her bedroom and learn languages.

You can also find Erin writing passionately for Youth Journalism International. Here is her review on Cinderella (2015)

A main passion of Erin’s is gender equality. In other words, she’s a feminist. Yes, this means she will most likely hate you if you are a dick to women. And no, she will not be burning her bras any time soon.

Where can you find her?







The Wolf of Starbucks Interview (2015)


This is me incase you were wondering.

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