Caturday: Being a Cat Mum Week 1

Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d give an update on my kittens and how they are settling in to my family. Their names are Mulder and Scully. They are about 4 months old, their birthday is on the 4th of May and they are Black and White short hair cross-breeds. They are tiny and adorable.

Bringing them Home

The kittens were bought adopted from the RSPCA, an animal rescue charity here in the UK. I definitely recommend adopting cats; it not only means that homeless cats will be looked after, It means that breeders won’t put so much pressure on their cats to reproduce because the demand is not so high.

The kittens were brought home in a cat carrier and were inquisitive throughout the car journey; they immediately jumped out and started exploring as soon as we opened the door. They are very inquisitive and love to explore the house. They are also extremely well behaved and have not tried to escape yet! Within a couple of hours they were playing together and interacting with us. Although they weren’t too comfortable being stroked (which is understandable as they had not been handled very much) they were more than happy to sit near us.

mulder 1

Vet Time

An interesting experience happened when we took them to the vet. This was our first trip to the vet and we were unsure about how they would react to being prodded and poked by a strange human. Mulder was a bit confused about what was going on but overall he was comfortable and relaxed. It helped that the vet himself was hilarious and spoke to the cats as he was checking them. Scully was more frightened. She’s the more timid of the two when it comes to interacting with humans. However, she managed to make it through the check up without hurting anybody or running off, so major points to her. When we returned home they were incredibly sleepy; both of them had completely zonked out within 20 minutes. I don’t blame them, its tiring work being a cat. sleeping


Both kittens love playing, but in completely different ways. Mulder loves chasing things. He’s obsessed with dangling toys and things that he can attack (this includes his sister). He goes crazy for feather and anything that he isn’t meant to play with. His balance isn’t brilliant; he’s always misjudging jumps and falling off of things. His sister, Scully, is the opposite. She likes to sit and watch, her ability to solve problems is quite interesting. She will methodically think things through and doesn’t get involved unless its on her terms. Her favourite toy is a box with ping pong balls in, she loves the sound they make and enjoys pushing them about. She is also the more skilled of the two kittens; she can jump the highest and purrs louder than any cat I have ever met, she is adorable.


Overall, I have really enjoyed my first week of being a cat mum. It’s interesting to see how my family react around them. My mum adores them more than her own children and my father is besotted until one of them licks him, which he has deemed disgusting. My brother has been away at various camps and clubs so he hasn’t actually spent a lot of time with them yet, but when he gets home I can guarantee he will fall in love as well.

Untill next week, Erin xx

9 thoughts on “Caturday: Being a Cat Mum Week 1

  1. SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I love kittens and cats (I have one myself who is an adorable little monster) so this post was right up my street! 😺
    Good luck with the kittens! I hope they don’t destroy everything!

    Elly xx

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