Italy: Rome, Pompeii and Tuscany

This summer I was lucky enough to have the trip of a lifetime. I visited Italy with my family and adored every minute of it. I also managed to read a lot of books, so expect some reviews to come over the next few weeks.Overall, I loved the whole country, even if it was a bit too hot for me. All the locals were extremely friendly and very welcoming. I loved how ancient and modern living clashed so dramatically in the cities but blended so well in the country side.

I just thought I’d share my favourite photos with me (and my brother) in them as I realise that most of the time on this blog I am in costume and nobody knows what I really look like! I apologise for the quality of them, I had to get them off of facebook and that eats up any goodness in them.

11870801_902325526509243_5735358845493454673_n  11889697_902325976509198_7891912400569796941_n  11898693_902325773175885_1313700941199882241_n 11899883_902326029842526_6418194790684941904_n 11900045_902325613175901_6069215244932111283_n 11902335_902325349842594_3544407320577017513_n 11902588_902326189842510_5048010622059627458_n 11903926_902326203175842_1794416707853546848_n


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