Top Ten Characters You’d Like to Check in With


I know, I know. I’m shocked that I’ve written another post so soon as well. Although, I didn’t actually come up with the premise for this post. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is characters that you would like to check in with and see how they’re doing now that a series is over.

  1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter – Luna is one of my favourites and I would love to just have a glimpse at her life every now and again to make sure she is hanging in there.
  2. Esther Greenwood from The Bell Jar – I identified with Esther in so many ways so it’d just be nice to see how she is doing and find out if she ever becomes happy.
  3. Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower – This is the same as Esther. I just want to make sure he managed to get on with his life okay.
  4. Tori Spring from Soliraire by Alice Oseman – This book was my favourite from last year, so it makes sense that I feel attached to the characters. Tori was getting her life back on track when we left her, so I’d like to see if she finally managed to do that.
  5. Nick and Amy from Gone Girl – I have a love/hate relationship with these characters, so much so that I feel the need to check up on them often to make sure they haven’t had kids or done anything that will make their genes carry on into a new generation.
  6. Billy and Teddy from Young Avengers – Whilst these two babes are not technically from a book, I love them all the same. I have extreme withdrawal symptoms and they need to stop. Any writers out there that feel like carrying on the comic series, I will pay you.
  7. Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre (obviously) – I feel responsible for Jane because I passionately hate Mr Rochester. If I had my way, Jane would’ve left England and joined a gang of pirates and had marvellous adventures.
  8. Melanie from The Magic Toyshop – The ending of this book is extremely ambiguous. I want to know if she ever married Finn. I also want to know what happened to the rest of her family, she never really expands upon that.
  9. Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries – I stopped reading these books a long time ago, but it would be nice to see how Mia is doing now. I realise I don’t actually know how the series ended, so looking it up on Wikipedia might be the more manageable option here.
  10. Magnus Bane – He’s in so many books I can’t be bothered to write them all out. I think someone needs to keep an eye on him though, it might stop him getting into trouble.

What characters do you want to check in with?

Erin xx


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