Learning Italian on Duolingo

I have always wanted to visit Italy. It seems like the most magical place and the history is so interesting. This year I embarked on a challenge to teach myself to speak basic Italian. I have often found myself sitting at home with nothing to do and thought that this might be something to keep me occupied.

I use the website Duolingo to do the majority of my learning. It’s a crowd sourced learning website with the aim to translate many texts in order to publish them on the internet. The interface is extremely easy to use and works sort of like a game. You have various sections to complete and subsections within those. Once you complete a section, as well as various other tasks, you get lingots. These are a sort of currency that you can use to buy extra sections or tests. The whole site is completely free.


You can set a daily goal, with reminders to complete it, with the incentive that once you get to a certain number of day you will earn lingots. I love this idea, it is so much like a game that I am finding it very addictive and am actually interested in coming back to it every day after school. Each of the sections are very organised, with some really interesting topics cropping up at later stages. There are also a wide variety of languages to learn, including swedish, which I think sets this apart from some other online learning resources.

I am also a very competitive person, so I enjoy the fact that you can follow your friends and watch their progress. This makes me want to beat them so badly. (Sorry Becca, but I am going to finish my course before you finish yours!)What I’m trying to say is that I am immensely glad that I found Duolingo and will hopefully carry on using it for a while. If you want to start a new language or pick up where you have left off, this website is wonderful!

Have any of you used Duolingo?

Erin xx


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