Comics for Beginners

comics for beginnersHello! I realise that I have been gone for quite a while, sorry! I am the worst at multi tasking and because I have mock exams coming up I have found it hard to blog whilst revising. However, I am back.

Last summer I took a trip to a comic book store with my lovely friends and had my eyes opened to a whole new world. Soon enough I had a whole collection of comics and was thoroughly obsessed with everything to do with them. However, I had a huge problem. Where the hell did I begin?

It is so hard to jump into a new world, especially one with the large history that comic books have. I was a little bit lost and kind of petrified. Then I found my saviour in the form of Amy Dallon. She’s the most adorable person ever and is a huge comic nerd. She vlogs on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube in a series called Talkin’ Comics.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why write your own post if you are just going to share a video? Well, I thought I’d write my own guide. I’ll put in my own recommendations and then add more over time. Sound good? Alrighty then.

Who the hell writes comics?

You probably already know this, but there are two main publishers for comics. DC and Marvel. Most people prefer one or the other. I’m more of a Marvel girl myself. There are other publishers for comics as well, my favourite being Dark Horse Comics.

As for who actually writes the comics, well you may just have to discover this for yourself. In any one comic you may have 5 or 6 people at least working on it. There are writers, artists and editors. Obviously there will be a main contributor who has their name printed on the front cover, but it really is a team effort. If I like someone’s art style in one comic it may lead me to discover a fantastic writer that they worked with on another project.

Where can I buy these marvellous creations?

I guess I could just say go to a comic book store, but I think you might have already thought of that. The question that is asked more often is about the format and how to look for one.

In America, new comic book day is on a Wednesday. I have literally no clue what day it is on for other countries, but I am pretty sure it will be the same. So next Wednesday take a stroll into your nearest comic book shop and ask what new stuff they have in.

Another place to look is in the Bargain bins at conventions or in the shops. They usually have a bunch of cheap comics that they are practically giving away. These are quite useful for figuring out what art style or plot line you usually like.

If you don’t have a comic book shop near you (like me) then the easiest way to do it is through The Book Depository or Amazon (ugh). I’d choose The Book Depository if I were you, Amazon has some morals that aren’t the most agreeable.

Another tip is to borrow from your friends if they let you. If you are friendly with people, then it is most likely because you are into similar things.

You can also sign up to get digital copies of comics through the Marvel sites or various other websites. This might be a good idea if you are living somewhere where storage is a problem and Trade Paperbacks are taking up too much space.

What is a Trade Paperback?

I’m glad you asked. Sometimes you join a comic in the middle of its run and have no clue what the hell is going on. That’s easy enough to get around. Trade Paperbacks are collections of comics, usually of the same story line or at least a manageable chunk of one. This makes it a whole lot easier to jump in as if you need it, back issues are easy to get.

Where do I start? 

I feel like there are a few steps to this.

  1. Figure out what type of story do you want? Superheroes are not the only subjects of comics. You can get some freakin’ awesome tales about any kind of people. Do some research in to that.
  2. Take a look at some ‘Best Of’ lists. There are all types of awards for comics, if something has made it onto a short list then it will definitely be good and may be worth checking it out.
  3. What do you watch on TV? Do you like Superman and Batman or are you more of a Phil Coulson kind of person?  If you already follow a character because of seeing them in another medium then that might be a good way to find a comic. Joss Whedon carried on Buffy the Vampire Slayer into comics, maybe you want to start out there?
  4. Take a peek at Erin’s list of Comics that she reads. This is the next post I will publish, so you’ll have to wait until then unfortunately. 😉

So whilst you wait impatiently for my list of things that you shold most defineitly read, what are your recommendations? Are any of you desperate to start reading comics?

Erin 🙂


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