Top Tips for Newbie Cosplayers

newbie cosplayer

As you might know (You probably do, I certainly say it enough!) this year I started to cosplay. I haven’t done anything fancy, just a really crappy Castiel cosplay, a Thor inspired outfit, and of course my beloved Merida. However, I have been going to conventions for quite a while so have picked up some tips along the way. I thought I’d share them with you and hopefully make your experience more enjoyable.

  1. Take food and drink. Trust me, feeling faint or overheating and having to stand in a queue to buy food sucks. Bring your own and pack extra as others might not be as savvy as you.
  2. Take cash. There’s nothing worse than getting to a stall that you have been waiting to go to all day, only to find out they don’t take card. Also, the cash machine will most likely run out or develop quite a queue. Be Prepared!
  3. Say no to photos. Whether you feel like the photographer is being too invasive or you just need a rest, it is okay to say no. I’ve heard some awful stories of people taking some really pervy photos, that doesn’t have to be you.
  4. Cosplay as whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what your race is, what gender you are or what size you are. Have a good time and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  5. Say hello to people. You will always find people interested in similar things to you at conventions, I’ve made some of my best friends at conventions. The community is lovely and really accepting.
  6. Be nice to each other. Maybe someone’s costume is not screen accurate, maybe they aren’t wearing a wig, or maybe they look like they haven’t put that much effort in. Whatever your reasoning is, there is never any excuse to be rude to another person. Specifically about cosplay. Make sure you treat each other exactly how you would want to be treated.

Have fun!

Erin xx


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