Review Process

I’m back on the official BookBlogWriMo bandwagon today! Here’s a look at how I write my reviews.

Unless I’ve been given an exact date by the publisher, I will most likely leave the review till the last-minute. This is literally the worst idea ever, I’m normally juggling school work and homework. So adding in a review is a bad idea. I really should stop doing that. I also normally have 3 or 4 reviews to do at a time. So I am always behind!

When I am reading the book, I normally like to put in tiny post it notes if I find a quote that I really like. However, I prefer to write my reviews from memory as the parts that stick out about the book will obviously be the main parts to write about. I like to write a list of the books that I will review and a date that I have to do them by. This helps get me organised. I find that Microsoft Excel is really good for that sort of thing and I find it easy to use.

I never review the book straight away. I give myself time to think about it and work out how I really feel. I find this effective as it enables me to write a balanced review, without the fangirling and over-excitement that might happen if I really enjoyed it. Although I’ll probably add it in any way!

How do you write your reviews? Also , if anyone has any requests for other blog posts It would be much appreciated. I’m about half way through the month now and don’t want to just post tags and reviews!

Erin xx


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