Advice for Newbie Bloggers

I thought I’d catch up with the ‘official’ BookBlogWriMo topics and write 5 tips for new bloggers. Being a fairly new blogger myself, I believe I’m qualified enough to give this advice!

  1. Don’t write a post every day. (Unless you are doing BookBlogWriMo) It’s so stressful trying to put up good content every single day. Take a break and write something that you are really proud of.
  2. Write whatever the hell you want. Try not to be confined by what other people write on their blogs. You will feel so much better if it has come from you and is original.
  3. Use Images. Images make posts look so much better. It doesn’t matter if you have taken them your selves or if they are other people’s, they will draw in a larger audience. Make sure you ask permission first if it is someone else’s image and leave a link to the original source.
  4. Communicate with your readers. Answering comments is a really nice way to encourage people to come back and read more. It helps you seem friendly and develops relationships! Also, go check out their own blogs and leave a comment. Everyone is in the same boat as you.
  5. Don’t worry about stats. It may seem that getting people to read your content is the ultimate goal. But it is way more rewarding to post what you want. If you are writing because you truly enjoy it, people will want to read it.

I hope these are handy tips! I think one of the main things to remember about the blogging community is that everyone will be nice to you, if you are nice to them.

Erin xx


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