1989 Album Review



If you hadn’t already guessed by the tag that I posted yesterday, I’m a little bit in love with Taylor Swift. Everything about her just makes me so happy and I was desperate to see what her new album was like.

1989 exceeded all expectations. I knew it would be good, Taylor is extremely talented, but I have been listening to it non stop since it was released. I got the deluxe version, which included 3 extra tracks and 3 voice memos from her phone.

The actual songs are a mix of hauntingly beautiful melodies and dance worthy tunes. They seem to tell a story if you play them in the intended order and that’s what makes the album so wonderful. I even love Shake it Off, even though it seems a little bit out of place on the album. My personal favourites include; Bad Blood, Blank Space, and Wildest Dreams. Although I don’t think there are any songs that I don’t like.

It is really awesome that there are voice memos showing off Taylor’s creative process. I won’t spoil them for you as they are ridiculously interesting. However, I will say if you want to hear some really cute giggling and an insight into the process of making an album, then definitely pick it up.

Have any of you listened to it? What do you think?

Erin x


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