LFCC Winter 2014


Yes, I have a gun

If you know me, you know that I love conventions. I started going to them about a year ago after admiring from afar and have been hooked ever since. This year I tried something new. I cosplayed.

It was something that I’ve always wanted to do and thanks to Chloe I was able to create a Merida costume! She’s the one dressed as Rapunzel, she made the dress herself. ‘We decided to go as ‘Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons’ mainly because Chloe and I really wanted to dress up as princesses. It was totally worth it.

The actual day consisted of a 7:00 start to get the dress ironed, make up on and breakfast eaten. Then it was time to catch a train. Our train was unbelievingly late so our cosplay group had to make their way in two parts (sorry Laura) to the convention centre. I would’ve thought that we would have had many weird looks during our journey. But it was surprisingly uneventful. A couple of people told us how nice our dresses were and one little girl ran up to us and stared for about 5 minutes before getting embarrassed and running away.

The event we went to was London Film and Comic Con, which is a Showmasters event. We visited it in the summer and whilst we had a great time, it was so extremely hot that we left quite early. However, this season was completely different. Winter conventions are normally smaller, but compared to the summer con, this was tiny. Not that I was complaining, I really enjoyed being able to look at the stalls and make friends without having to fight for space.


Photo by Robert John Parker

The best thing about cosplaying as a Disney princess at conventions is the amount of children that come up and ask for photos. It really makes you feel special and that all of the hard work you put in was worth it. We met some really lovely children and their parents. Obviously the cutest children were the ones in cosplay, they literally made my day.

My favourite buy of the day was my copy of THOR #1. This is the newest in the Thor series (the one where Thor is now a woman) and I am so excited to get a copy! I also bought a Game of Thrones bracelet and some hair scrunchies (so expect a haul post soon).

My favourite thing about going to conventions is meeting a lot of people who have similar interests to me. This year we made a whole load of new friends and made some really exciting cosplay plans. Fingers crossed that I actually get to go next summer and manage to carry these out!

Here are some of my favourite images of us during the day:


Photo by Robert John Parker


The coolest Marvel Costumes ever. And yes, they made them their selves!


Disney Gang , with the lovely Hayley Smith as Anna!


Marvel cosplayers are the coolest cosplayers!


I fangirled so hard when I met this Kaylee cosplayer! (future cosplay idea in the making!)


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