I finished Blood Of Olympus and now I don’t know what to do with my life


I spent about an hour this morning happily sobbing. This may sound a little strange, but once you hear the reason I’m sure you’ll understand. I finally finished Blood of Olympus. It hurts a little bit to say that Percy and his friend’s story is over. However, I am so pleased with how it ended, I do not mind.

I feel the same about this series as I do about Harry Potter. I’ve loved it since I was about 10, so to be still enjoying it nearly 7 years later, it has to be something special. I especially am pleased that the finale of the series managed to tie up some loose ends and make me extremely happy.

I loved the fact that the girls got the same (and maybe more, I’ll have to see) narration time as the guys. Especially since Piper and Reyna are my absolute faves. I loved how Reyna’s past was explored so much deeper and the fact that we got to see her sister again was great. Also, the appearance of Thalia again literally made me cry. I just love her so freaking much.

The guys were swoon-worthy, as always. However, I think Leo took the crown on the cutest and the bravest. I was so happy he got to see Calypso again and he saved them all (even if Octavian was the one to destroy Gaia). Move over Percy and Jason, I think it’s time for Leo to star in his own book.

I really enjoyed the fact that Nico narrated a lot of this book. His story is so interesting and as a LGBT character, I feel that it is important to give him a good share of the book. I also felt a new ship emerging. How does everyone feel about Nico and Will Solace. They might be just friends, but I think they would be so freaking adorable together. I think I detected some flirting towards the end of the book as well.

Finally, I feel the need to express how happy I was with the ending! NO ONE DIED! (At least not of the main characters anyway.) Percy and Annabeth are still together, Hazel and Frank are so perfect, and Piper and Jason are getting on great. Reyna is still in charge, which makes me happy because she’s so fierce and fiery. AND Coach Hedge and the baby. I was so pleased that he got to be there when his kid (cheeky goat pun there) was born.

In conclusion, I loved it. I don’t know what else I can say. Thank you Rick for the most magical of series, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Erin xx


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