Review: Eren by Simon P. Clark

erenTitle: Eren


Author: Simon P. Clark


Published: September 18th 2014 by Constable & Robinson


Rating: ★★★★★




I was so excited when I was asked to join the blog tour for this book. I was desperate to read it, I literally stopped halfway through another book just to do it. So thanks to Simon for allowing me to join him in promoting his book. If you want to read tomorrows stop (and it’s the last one) you can find it here. Go tell Ella I sent you and say Hi!

People are keeping secrets from Oli – about where his father is, and why he hasn’t come to join them at his uncle’s house in the country. Oli has secrets too. He knows what lives in the attic. Eren – part monster, part dream, part myth. Eren who always seems so interested, who always wants to hear more about Oli’s life. Eren, who needs to hear stories to live, and will take them from Oli, no matter the cost.


This cover is one of the most delightful things I have ever witnessed. Not only does it feel great, it is also brilliantly designed. It has a creepy air to it that is echoed through put the story and the almost childlike handwriting makes you feel as if the protagonist has written it himself.


This book is deliciously spine chilling. The actual story line is odd and twisted, making it a thrilling read. I love the fact that whilst it is a story about a few children who want to have an adventure one summer, it is also really thought-provoking and scary. Note to self: don’t read the ending in a dark room at night-time. I don’t really want to spoil the plot, so all I will say is that if you like books in which you are never sure in which direction the plot will turn then this one is for you.


The main character, Oli, was so childish but very grown up at the same time. I love this contradiction in ccharactersas it reminds me of people who I know in real life. I think it gives them a much more three-dimensional personality.

The background characters are mysterious and likable. I adore the relationship between the 3 children. Eren is so creepy that I’m find it hard to put into words.


It’s funny how much this book has divided the commenters of Goodreads, It seems to be a marmite sort of book. I loved it and If you’re a fan of authors such as Patrick Ness and David Almond then you will love this too. Trust me.

Erin xx

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