Autumn Blogging Playlist


So I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to music and not a lot of time blogging recently. I promise that I have some really cool posts in the works. However, I am struggling with motivation at the minute. I thought I’d put together a list of songs that I use to get me in the mood for blogging.

You can listen to the playlist here on my 8tracks account. If you haven’t got 8tracks already then you really should. It’s super easy to make playlists and I’ve discovered some really cool bands through it.

Here are the tracks:

Girls by The 1975

Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! at the Disco

Northern Downpour by Panic! at the Disco

All the Things That I’ve Done by The Killers

(Coffees for Closers) by Fall Out Boy

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Meet You There by Busted

Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots

Still Into You by Paramore

Chicago is so Two Years Ago by Fall Out Boy

Sex by The 1975

Come Back … Be Here by Taylor Swift

Mr Brightside by The Killers

House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots

Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift

I’ll probably add more as Autumn goes on but I hope you enjoy it for now. I always think it’s quite interesting to see the type of music that a person likes. What music do you listen to when you blog?

Erin xx


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