Dear Year 11

If you live in England then you will probably know that today was GCSE results day. I got to collect the results of tests that could determine my future, the results to tests that I have been working towards for 2 years. So, I am now the proud owner of 12 GCSEs and one AS, I thought I would leave some of the things I have learnt this year.

Dear Year 11,

This could potentially be your last year at school, so make it count.  Enjoy yourself, go to parties and make new friends. That’s a part of growing up and shouldn’t be put on hold just because the government says it’s time to determine what you do for the rest of your life.

Do not take school for granted. You will miss the ease of having everything laid out for you, the relaxation of having your immediate future planned. Trust me, when you have finished your exams everything will get a lot more real. I’m currently looking for a job and not looking forward to starting A levels.

However, it isn’t entirely scary either. Look forward to starting a new and exciting chapter of your life.

This year will be hard. Take time to relax. (Note: this is not the same as going to parties.) Make sure you have some down time scheduled in. Watch some TV or play a sport. It’s amazing how much better you will work if you give your brain some time to sleep.

Make sure you drink a lot of water. There’s nothing worse about waking up with an awful head ache and feeling like you can’t face revision. Eat food, don’t worry about being completely healthy, some times you just need some chocolate to give your brain a boost.

The most important thing is to sleep. I know tumblr is a lot more interesting, but lets face it, there will be plenty of time to blog about Tom Hiddleston and Felicia Day (I know this from experience) when you have an extra long summer holiday.

That being said, do not slack off on your work. People say that GCSE results don’t matter, but it still sucks to fail a test and at the end of the day, all qualifications are good qualifications.

Don’t expect the worst. If you try your best then you can always achieve something. If you don’t get what you hope for, then find another way. Retake the exam, join a college course or apply for an apprenticeship.

You are not rubbish at something just because you failed an exam. Peoples brains work differently, maybe you learn better working with practical activities.


The most important thing anyone could tell you is to believe in yourself. There are always people to ask for help, most of them would prefer it if you did. Teachers are there to help you and push you in the right direction, if you work with them then you will be unstoppable.


Good Luck,





5 thoughts on “Dear Year 11

  1. Nicely said Erin. As Mum to a design and art teacher I know too well from her stories of youngsters giving up because some idiot told them they were no good at something….. We believe everybody is born with a talent, be it Maths or care giving, everyone is gifted!

    • Thank you!! I really regret some of the things I did this year because I lacked the motivation. And whilst my grades were good I really wished somebody had told me this stuff! Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Never regret a thing Erin, just learn by it. Put it down as another thing you now know not to do. I have many things I now know not to do and all in all I turned out OK 😉 keep blogging, smiling and learning x

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