London Adventures #1

Camden Market and Covent Garden

Last Monday I paid a visit to London with 5 of my very lovely friends. We are lucky enough to live about an hour away by train so we can go quite often. The train is quite expensive, but it’s worth it as the day trips are normally awesome.

We started off out day by visiting Camden Market. It is basically a large market area that is filled with stalls and shops selling all sorts of wonderful things. It is big enough to get lost in and the tunnels and lanes are extremely long and winding.

The best part of Camden market is the food. I ate a delicious chicken and cheese wrap that was inspired by a Turkish recipe. There is such a variety of food, you can literally buy anything you want. There was a stall selling delicious looking smoothies that I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to run out of money. Oh well, maybe next time.

My favourite book shop happens to be in Camden Market. It’s called Black Gull books and sells second hand novels. It is in the food court, or the West Yard as it is known. It is the most adorable little shop, with bookshelves that look like they are going to fall down under the weight of the books on them. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of it, however I honestly think that it is worth a visit.

yay for friends.

What is my face even doing…

After we had finished our food and had a very long browse of all the stalls, we decided to make our way over to Forbidden Planet. Forbidden planet is an extremely large comic book and nerdy shop near Covent Garden in London. I love this shop, they have such a huge supply of fantasy novels and comics. i could literally browse for hours. I almost did too be honest, much to the annoyance of my friends. I bought the comic book that you can see in my June Favourites post.

yay for shoes

The obligatory shoe selfie…

We made a quick visit to Covent Garden, which is extremely posh. I didn’t bother looking in any of the stores because I knew I couldn’t afford it. However, we did watch a few street performers. Covent Garden is famous for its outside entertainment. If you’ve never visited London before, I would definitely recommend taking a trip here.

Table Tennis, the only sport I kind of enjoy

Again, what am I doing with my face…

We decided it would be a good idea to find something to eat, so we left Covent Garden. However, we found a Table Tennis table and got a little bit distracted. Can you imagine the sight of 6 teenage girls playing table tennis during rush hour with their hands? It probably looked pretty odd, but I had fun and that’s all that counts. Then it started raining (typical England) so we decided to go home.

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post. I think it might be interesting to look back on in a few years and see what I did with my friends. What have you been doing this last week? What’s your favourite place to go to in London?



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