Flashback Friday: Maximum Ride



This weeks Flashback Friday is about one of my all time favorite book series, Maximum Ride by James Patterson. If you are not familiar with the concept of the series, I shall explain. Max and her adopted siblings escaped from a medical testing facility. They have been there since they were babies. They are every day children, apart from one distinct difference. They have wings. They have been living fairly secluded in the mountains, but now the doctors want them back, and they will go to any lengths to find them.

max ride

I really enjoyed this series for 2 reasons. Mainly because although they are billed as YA, 8 year old Erin enjoyed them immensely. They were easy to read and the thrilling story line kept me occupied for hours. Secondly, I enjoyed them because they raised some serious issues that I really enjoyed learning about. Obviously there would be the issue of medical ethics, but it also raises the issue of discrimination.

I have looked at how many books are in the series and I am missing the last one. Guess what I’ll be going out to buy later. I honestly recommend this series if anyone is looking for a bad ass female lead and action fueled adventures.


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