Introducing Erin

Hi! I’m Erin, a 16 year old book enthusiast from England. I’ve been advised by many people in my family, especially my mother, to start a blog in order to improve my writing skills and actually do something worthwhile with my time. I don’t know how to write blog posts, but it seems like a new adventure and one that I am willing to take. I already own a vaguely successful Tumblr blog,  but that has left me lazy. No actual writing for me on that front.


This is me in case you were wondering

I should probably say a little bit about myself. I am currently studying for my GCSEs (only 3 more weeks left) and will be moving on next year to sixth form. At sixth form I will be studying for A levels in History, Law, English Literature and Psychology. During that time I will also be working towards gaining a GCSE in Latin. In my spare time I like to raise money for charity, particularly the Sick Children’s Trust. Over the last few years I have helped to raise £10,000. To do this we partook in activities such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, during which we got lost on a mountain and had to be rescued.

Fall Out Boy

Favourite band of all time – Fall Out Boy

When I’m not climbing mountains or revising, I enjoy listening to music and reading. My favourite bands are Fall Out Boy and Pentatonix. I also enjoy listening to Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco. I enjoy reading Dystopian Fiction and Fantasy novels. Harry Potter is a firm favourite of mine although I enjoy the ‘A Song Of Ice and Fire’ series and anything with a strong female lead.

I am hoping to use this blog to write about books I have enjoyed reading so that later in life I can look back and remember them.



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